Flora Waycott - Appreciating the little things in life

Updated: Aug 6

This week I am sharing with you an interview with illustrator Flora Waycott. I’m willing to bet that you know of Flora and her enchanting art and for those who don’t follow her, you have probably seen some of her work either on a bookccover in your local book shop, or perhaps in a magazine or one of many other possible places. Flora's delicate, intricate illustrations are a reflection of her appreciation for the little things in life, as she explains in the conversation.

You can listen to Flora's interview here or by searching for 'Making Your Way' wherever you listen to your podcasts.

We recorded this interview back in June and I mentioned in the interview that I planned to try somer of the exercises in her book ‘Draw Every Little Thing’. I’m delighted to say I have played with some of these and had so much fun doing so. It is not only incredibly satisfying to be able to create a little work of art, which Flora guides you through so brilliantly, but it's also a really relaxing and meditative process, so I heartily recommend her book... plus it is simply a gorgeous thing to have lying around to pick up and browse through for inspiration or just sheer enjoyment.

I feel so blessed to get to have these conversations with artists like Flora who are so open and share their experiences. I feel like Flora really painted a picture of her world so beautifully with everything she spoke about. The second I finished talking to her I felt so inspired that I immediately went out for a walk near my home and I intentionally let my eye wander off to things that I might not usually look at. Some of the tiniest flowers in a hedgerow caught my eye, as well as the brilliant green colour of some under-ripe crab apples.

I love how Flora is constantly inspired by all of the small things around her. To me this really shines through in her work. Each little things she paints is a delight and honestly I would love to spend some time seeing the world as Flora sees it.

You can see more of Flora's work at her website and you can follow her on instagram @florawaycott

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