Episode 3 - Ann Wood

I am so excited to share this interview with you! This week I am sharing the conversation I had with artist, Ann Wood of Woodlucker. Woodlucker is a visual partnership and studio founded by Ann Wood and her husband, Dean Lucker. Ann spoke to me about her journey and her process and many other things besides and I have to say that despite already admiring Ann’s work I still learned so much more about her from this conversation. Ann creates the most intricately crafted paper flower sculptures, but I will let her tell you more about that as her love and passion for her subjects emanates from her every word and I couldn’t even begin to do it justice.

This conversation was like a breath of fresh air to me. I’m still so new to this, to podcasting and interviewing and , as you might be able to tell, I’m a little nervous and pretty over-awed when I speak to someone like Ann but her enthusiasm and passion is infectious and I felt motivated and enlightened after our chat.

Despite following Ann for at least a couple of years now on social media, I had absolutely no idea that she worked solely from live plants and flowers that she herself has grown. In the interview this really took a while to sink in for me because it’s just something that blows me away and still does. Just like my interview with Kirsty Elson and the layers of stories in her beautiful creations, Ann’s investment and dedication to her art on such a deep level is inspirational.

I had goosebumps when Ann described seeing the Frida Kahlo exhibition and when she spoke about how her mother painted her room white so that Ann could draw and paint on the walls, that inspired me as a parent and I have been thinking of fun ways I can do something similar for my little boy who loves to paint, the gift her mother gave her in allowing that freedom to create is so precious. I really hope that Ann’s dream to see her flower wall in a gallery exhibition comes to fruition very soon too. I have no doubt it would be so appreciated and admired by many, many people. I know I would absolutely love to see it and spend time marvelling at Ann’s art in person.

You can follow Ann on Instagram - @Woodlucker or find the Woodlucker website at All images are copyright owned by Ann Wood/ Woodlucker

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