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Today I am speaking to Artist Chloe Giordano. Chloe’s work is exquisitely detailed embroidery, that blends her skills as an illustrator with needle art. If you haven’t seen her work, then do look her up, it will give you an understanding of the precision, charm and delicate nature of what she creates. Chloe’s work isn’t bound by any traditional rules of embroidery, instead she works with a simple straight stitch but as you will know or see from looking at any of her finished art works, they are far from simple in their intricacy, texture and detail.

You can listen to the the interview with Chloe here:

or by searching for 'Making Your Way' wherever you usually listen to podcasts.

What a joy to talk to Chloe about so many different aspects of her life. I will include a link in the show notes to take you to her ‘Day in The Life’ Youtube video that we spoke about, below as it really does set the scene beautifully.

I appreciate Chloe’s honestly when says she struggles in some ways with the digital side of things and yet at the same time can create something like this day in the life video that is so beautiful and so true to herself and really connects with her followers. It reminds me that sometimes we think we have to present a certain way on social media. We see other people doing it in their way and sometimes doubt ourselves as that isn’t our way at all, but we somehow feel there is a se of rules we have to follow.

Chloe seems to me to be so in tune with what works for her, her boundaries as an artist and a person in general that it really surprises me that she does still worry about this from time to time. Chloe’s large following on Instagram just goes to show that people really do connect with authenticity, they sense it and know it when they see it and Chloe and her work are shining examples of that.

Thank you again Chloe for being so open and easy to talk to. I could have sat there for a very long time indeed and listened to you speak about your wonderful world.

Chloe's website is

you can find her on Instagram @chloegiordano_embroidery

To see Chloe's Etsy shop, where you can purchase a beautiful print or greeting card, click HERE

Other links mentioned in the podcast episode are A Day In The Life YouTube Video and Chloe's Domestika Course

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