Photographer, artist & maker

I'm Lucy, the creator of Make & Inspire.

For the last ten years I have worked as a photographer, shooting weddings and portraits and also teaching aspiring photographers how to build and brand their businesses.  I co-hosted several wonderful, magical photography retreats in Italy and worked as a trainer at one the UK's top photography course providers.

A couple of years ago I decided to teach myself to sew. 

What started as a hobby soon became a passion as I taught myself to make heirloom dolls.  I acquired a wonderful group of followers on Instagram and began selling my creations to collectors around the world.  In 2019 (after being asked for patterns more and more frequently) I created my first digital sewing pattern.  I knew that creating an accompanying video would set the patterns apart from others as it would enable people to have access to all of the details that are almost impossible to explain in written instructions alone.

There was a lot to learn about how to build these tutorials, how to film and edit them, where to host them, who to build them for and how to price and package them.

After a lot of hard work I launched the first pattern and it was a huge hit! 

On the first day I made more money than I could have even imagined was possible from a £12 pattern.  Since then I have been steadily building up a portfolio of patterns for my Etsy store Blossom & Friday.  It continues to make money every day and with each pattern release there is a flurry of sales followed by a steady increase in average sales.

I get so much joy from this business and I plan to continue to nurture it's growth and the incredible connection I have made with my customers all over the world.

I have found joy in making and creating for as long as I can remember.  As a child I used to love making anything and everything, drawing, doodling, making mix-tapes, designing and creating clothes for fairies (made from sellotape and loo roll!), I could daydream for hours and often did.  For a while I thought that daydreaming and doodling were silly distractions that meant I lacked focus, now I realise that they were gifts and blessings.  To be able to take a seed of an idea and grow it in my imagination and then bring it to life is something I now consider to be one of my greatest strengths.

'Make & Inspire' began as a seed of an idea...  Could I take everything I had learned about how to build a creative business, create engaging and profitable tutorials, connect with clients and merge that with my skills as a photographer and trainer and teach others to do the same?

After much work and planning I am excited to say I will be launching my first course in January 2021.  You can learn more about it here.

I can help you take the art, craft or skill you love and develop it into something truly magical.  Imagine a business that ignites your soul, makes money, gives you freedom to create and enables you to connect with your ideal clients.

It's out there and waiting for you... get ready to take the first step towards it



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